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Protecting Your Rights
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Persels & Associates provides a full range of options to help you get out of debt.

How does Persels help people with debt problems? They focus on the needs of you personally. They start with.

An Analysis of Your Situation

Before recommending any course of action to address your debt, our experienced attorneys at Persels thoroughly review your personal and financial situation. Then, in consultation with you, they recommend the strategy likely to be best for you.

Compromising Your Debt

Settling your debts for what you can afford to pay may be a viable, cost-effective approach to resolving your debt problems short of filing bankruptcy. Compromising your debts requires that you build up funds in your lawyer’s trust account that can eventually be used to make credible offers to your creditors. The process takes discipline, time, and patience. Having a law firm help you through that process can make a world of difference. You will be assigned an attorney licensed in your state of residence who will regularly monitor your progress and be there to counsel you and help you deal with any legal issues if and when they arise.

Protecting Your Rights

If collectors or creditors harass you regarding your debts while we represent you, the firm will help ensure your rights are protected under federal and state consumer protection laws, including pursuing litigation against offending collectors, if appropriate.


If circumstances dictate that considering bankruptcy may be your best option, Persels & Associates may be able to help you with that as well. Bankruptcy is a form of debt relief controlled by federal law. For most consumers there are two types of bankruptcy available. These are Chapter 7 bankruptcy, sometimes called liquidation bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, sometimes called debt reorganization. It is important to note that bankruptcy, while a powerful remedy, cannot discharge all types of debts and was intended to be used only as a "Last Resort" for debtors. The chapter you file under is determined by your unique circumstances. Not everyone will qualify to file Chapter 7 and not everyone can afford the sometimes high payments required by a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. In 2005, Congress changed the bankruptcy laws to help curb bankruptcy abuses and fraud. By doing this, they made it more difficult for the honest debtor to successfully file bankruptcy. If and when bankruptcy becomes a consideration, you will be able to speak to one of our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys to learn how you will be affected.

Should you and your attorney decide that you need immediate relief and that bankruptcy is your best option, Persels & Associates, LLC, may be able to represent you in Bankruptcy. The firm represents its clients for the purposes of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcies all around the country.

This firm is a federally designated Debt Relief Agency under the United States Bankruptcy Laws.

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