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Persels, Persels and Associates, Persels & Associates, Persels law

Getting out of debt can be challenging.
Persels & Associates can help.

Persels & Associates, part of the Persels Group,  is an independent law firm that provides legal services in all 50 states to individuals burdened by overwhelming unsecured debt. Persels and Associates is one of the only law firms in the country that is dedicated to helping people get out of debt. Unlike debt consolidation companies, we provide our clients with legal counsel, advice, and representation to assist them in identifying and implementing the best options available to resolve their debt and to deal with legal issues as they arise during the course of our representation.

Our skilled attorneys guide thousands of our clients each day down the path toward a debt free future. We are a Maryland-based national law firm with attorneys licensed in every state. We also maintain a staff of on-call attorneys experienced in debt resolution to provide you with rapid access to legal advice concerning your specific issues as needed.

Most importantly, our firm's success is dependent on our ability to achieve results for you. Please contact us to find out more information on how our fee structure can work to assist you in the compromise of your debt.


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